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Baddiee Apparel

Baddiee VIP APP

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Baddiee VIP Pledge (subscription) (READ ME) 

This pledge can be canceled at anytime. 

I worked with an app developer for months to be able to have my own app for Android and Iphone. I wanted to be able to offer such a fun experience to everyone who signs up and supports me as a creator, it truly means the world to me. 

DISCLAIMER~ You get charged $20 at the time of sign up. The re-occurring payment is withdrawn every 1st of the month. If you sign up towards the end of the month, you will be charged at the moment of sign up and then and again on the 1st. It is advised that you sign up within the first  10 -15 days of a month. Please be aware of this, we do not offer refunds. 


-Access to my exclusive app, you can create a profile and enjoy building relationships with the Baddiee members, while you are also learning new things and having fun. 

- I do exclusive weekly lives, where we craft and make tumbler designs etc...

- You get occasional early access to Baddiee Apparel drops.

- Exclusive discounts to Baddiee Apparel and Products. 

- You can go live within the app, and play music if you choose to. 

- access to exclusive pattern vinyl designs (designed by me) each month you get access to purchase exclusive designs though  using a designated password. These vinyls are only available to Baddiee university students, and Maestra Creations VIP members. 

- you create an account and can post anything you want there is a badddiee FYP 

- Every couple of months there is an exclusive Baddiee Apparel item, designed and available only for BU members. 

- Easy access to me for extra help  and more one on one help via an exclusive email created exclusively for BU students that is monitored M-F during business hours. 

- Access to an exclusive Mayra Makes It podcast coming soon

- Monthly fun challenges with prizes